Keep on keeping on…


What leaves are you dropping? 

The tree anology is very interesting in, lets say your soul is your roots that holds your being and it is hardly seen. The tree 🌲 is who you are from outside your beauty or not, what you offer and what you are as part of vegetation that can be you family, social life, professional life etc, what everyone can see and be exposed to.

The tree life cycle is similar to human life cycle, from conception the seed, to birth the sprout, to infancy which is seeding, to juvenile which is sapling to adult maturing, to elderly where life declines and finally to death, snag or rot. 

As you go through your cycle you develop grow, know yourself understand what makes you what builds you. I turned 40 two years ago and the past year made me realise so much about my self and what I believed in outside my self.  I looked at the tree and how no matter what happens all seasons winter, spring, summer and autumn the root stands never waivers. I believed everything else I was born but not my nature, who I am and why I am…Yes I am….

I want to adopt the tree life in all seasons,not fear what’s going on and what season is in my life and be able to bare branches, spring flowers, blossom and most importantly shed leaves, not to only focus on what surrounds me and make that my core.

This is my season to to shed leaves, let go of anything and everything that is not working for me, anything, everyone and everything I don’t need. Scary as this sound but its time. 

To all my leaves I carried in my life, heart, mind and soul letting you go might not be easy but it has to happen as the next season is coming and must happen and cannot be held back by holding on to you or you hanging on. 

To new leaves, I am looking forward to you and how you going spring flowers and let me blossom until your time comes to be shed. 

It’s a cycle of life and it’s beautiful in all seasons embrace it….

This is to my next 20 years the past 40 it’s done