Experiencing feelings

Some days are not better than the others, as some will choose to say….”some days are better than the others.  Some of my day are not better, The feelings of despairing, low drive ,overwhelming emotions of sadness, physically tired and  heavily drained.
I  am one of those people who are quick to avdise other, I feel like I know what to say, how to say it to the point that I feel motivated myself sometimes wonder how do I do it where does the knowing what to say to others comes from…definitely not doubting the gift of wisdom given by my creator. He helps all the time.

When these emotions take over my being and  my real disappear, I feel down and out and nothing or no one gets to me to pull me out of a not positive state of emotions.

I have been hurts, I am a broken being a lot has happened and still happened. I am true to my emotions and state on my own. I never allow myself to share my deepest darkest pain the way I feel but hide them in my empowered happy self.

Today I needed to tell someone I am hurting and I am in pain, I feel broken and I wonder if I will be able to come out of this state as its a space I don’t like and I normally can’t handle negative space. 

May I find peace within.