Let’s share life…

To the pregnant 🐣women on social media posting constant updates and belly pictures… I love seeing how excited you are to become a mommy.❤

To the person who posts their whereabouts, new gadgets💻, thanks for showing how blessed you are. This will set as a reminder for us to work and strive to achieve our goals.👍🏼

To the 👧💁women posting selfies…thanks for letting young girls know that it’s okay to love yourself and to feel beautiful!💜

To the mom posting a million pictures of her👧👦 👶 kids… it makes my heart so happy to see parents so proud of and loving their babies!💚👫👬👭

To the 💍👰💏 married couple constantly posting happy love posts….thank you for being a reminder to the next generation that all hope isn’t lost and happy marriages most definitely DO exist.💋

To the business owners who constantly post about their businesses… keep going! Your 💪 strong will and passion for what you do is astounding! Even in the midst of all the negative remarks, you keep on going for yourself and your family!💎

To the person posting about their fitness journey and how they decided to change their lifestyle for health reasons or just to look or feel better about themselves… I love seeing your progress pictures, your healthy meals 🍎, gym check ins💪… I especially love seeing your before and after pictures!!👦👧

To the stay at home mom posting about being able to cook and or bake 🍜u seeing how you manage👏 being a hard working mom. 👪👫

Let’s stop being annoyed by everything and start lifting each other up! 😘 🙌❤🙌


If you feel the world would be a better place if everyone would think this way Copy & Paste.


Love, as energy

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The Heart has been broken, sometimes, in the past. Broken, because it trusted. Broken, because we were dearmoured. Broken, because it was beautiful. Because it felt good.

And then something turned out the wrong way. Someone said something and another type of dance -a dance made of fire and darker stones- begun. Love was the same face, but it seemed that its song has changed. The light went away, a melody withered.

The heart thought I’m entering a long night.

And so we lost hope. And so we started to blame because, how could love be that in & out while having the same name. How could things show so many different facets, different notes. And, why was it us? Why were we the fool?

We said never again. We said, never will I trust that much. Never will I go that far. Never will I surrender my armour in that way, that beautifully, with such openness.

Never will I offer skin, heart, and words, to places that ultimately didn’t receive the scent. But for people like us, that road, often. The road of closing the heart. Is more like a moment. A temporary refuge, a shelter for thinkers.

Because it always ends up happening. It just reopens. We start to see things differently, to see where we ourselves failed. We start to understand, to forgive even. And sometimes, we start to love even more because we have traveled such a path for two, already, and everybody seems to be alive after the fire.

It just comes back. Love, as energy. With or without our participation, our will.

Not because we are the fool. Not because we are not aware, weak or inconsistent. Not because we are fallible, innocent or fragile.

No, it comes back because that is who we are. It comes back because, for people like us, Love is just something that we came here to do.

Something that we can’t truly repress, in truth. Something that we came here to live, to embrace, to discover, to go through.

It comes back because, we’ve understood that love is like life, a thing of different facets. That love is like the sea, the Sun and the Moon.

That it cycles, that it moves, that it evolves. Yet without losing its essence, its unalterable force, it’s higher & divine reason to be.

We come back because, for some of us. Our path is Love.

We come back because we are of the Lover kind.

And because, Love is like the Moon, the Sun & the sea. Its force is of a different kind.

It’s stronger than fear.

Bigger than our shields.

Taller than our inner wars.

Content from The Twin Flame Journey 

43 Lessons/Thoughts On My 43rd Birthday

I was thinking of 43 ways to celebrate my birthday this year. As I was going through ideas..thinking of giving 43 hugs to random strangers, but I am not brave anymore, and it might not be anything that is fullfillng but just fun, I wish I have thought of all this sooner. 43 acts of kindness 😎 that would have been the greatest and “worth it” meaningful birthday shared… (Purpose driven day) if had people to help me with executing such actually it would have been an inspirational birthday.

11 April 2018

Let me start with simple life thoughts & lessons…..


Let’st’s go with that, shall we? here we go…

1. Your 40s will be your best decade yet. You know your who you are and have figured out a lot of things for yourself and to hell with what everyone thinks.
2. Your body is a wonderland. Even though some days your mind will tell you otherwise. Just tell it to shut the eff up. Be happy and ok with how you look if not just do something about #nopressure
3. Keep moving. Literally and figuratively.
4. Pamper yourself monthly be it massage, nails, wax etc
5. Check in with yourself, question your existence and try to fullfill your purpose #small things do matter
6. Take care of your face give it extra care.
7. Prettify thyself lol…I had my first natural lashes Feb 2018 & I felt so pretty
8. Social media can be your happy land. Just make sure to tune out and log out. It’s ok not to share everything with BFF Facebook since you have less friends or non that you speak to daily…..or boost your ego somehow
9. The Universe will hit you with the same lessons over and over until you’ve learnt them.
10. Have at least one friend you can WhatsApp anytime of the day or call
11. The best things in life are free. They really are.
12. Your children needs time with you, play, talk bond not TV and cellphones all the time. Enforce them try shut down yourself. Monkey see, monkey do.
13. The older you get, the less BS you’re willing to put up with.
14. Hydrate yourself with lots of water
15. Drink green tea, now and again. It helps with digestion.
16. Get that red lipstick and wear it like it’s the roaring 20s.
17. Listen to more music.
18. Subscribe to awesome podcasts or follow good Bloggers and vloggers
19. Read more books, buy borrow start a club and follow authors
20. Write your thoughts, even if you think they super corny.
21. Practice kindness, start with yourself
22. Arrange more dates for you and people you want to build, strengthen relationships with i.e. family, friend & partner
23. Say “I Love You” to important people in your life all
24. Hug and kiss your kids as often as possible
25. Eat more healthy stuff
26. Eat less meat. Eat more fish.
27. Forgive more and let go of what you cannot control
28. Smile more.
29. When you feel that panic rising, breathe slowly.
30. Dress up and show up
31. Even if the boobs situation have gone on a perpetual downward dog position. And your Mummy Tummy is so busy getting jiggly with it. It’s OK
32. Save more and work on your financial freedom
33. Do something fun once and again crazy fun
34. Go to a nice car wash every after 2 months or so …it’s empowering somehow
35. Fall in love or fall in love with love find a way (romantic music, series or movie can help)
36. Get your children to learn how to cook at an early age. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself when you’re able to tell your 14 year old child to whip you something fancy now and again
37. When your teen child lovingly pesters you to let her join Instagram because she wants to showcase her artwork to her friends. Allow her, on the provision that you manage it and she will need to adhere to your ground rules otherwise, it will be deleted.
38. Your kids will grow up so fast. You won’t believe that your eldest Son who is 22 this year will be job hunting wanting to move out of home when only five seconds ago, he just started school…

39. Okay…. I am running out of lessons. So let’s focus on my words for 2018.

40. Simplify
41. Evolve
42. Love
43. Friendship

S-E-L-F <<<< see what I did there?? I am so clever. Or getting lazy lol.

Here’s to another 43 years of learning lessons. Shooooooo 86 years… looking forward to it.

When growing up is bliss!!!


Research suggests that 85% of us are naturally far kinder to others than we are to ourselves.

Many of us are actually quite hard on ourselves. We think we need to be this way in order to be motivated, to be our best, or perhaps because it’s what we believe we deserve.

There is a cost to this lack of self-kindness (stress, depression, anxiety, and a host of maladaptive and unhealthy coping strategies).

” David Spound’